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The Name Resplenda

Envisioning a company which will change the way jewellery is designed and retailed. Cherishing traditions and embracing that which is relevant and new. A company to promote Rasvihar, the jewellery brand : Resplenda.

Crafted by Prabodh Jain, an expression inspired by the words splendour, splendid and resplendent. Which together mean the quality of being magnificent or grand, glorious, fabulous, wonderful, splendiferous, sumptuousness, impressiveness, resplendence, opulence, luxury, luxuriousness, richness, fineness, lavishness, glory, gloriousness, gorgeousness, beauty, elegance; majesty, stateliness, nobility, pomp, pageantry and spectacle.

Resplenda Expressions Private Limited is also the promoter of