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The Name Banswari


The name of our online store, Banswari, means sound of a bamboo flute in Hindi language. The name was coined in 2007 by Prabodh Jain for a floral parlour which he opened in September of that year. It shared space with Rasvihar in the sprawling bungalow in Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam. While Banswari, the flower parlour, became known for tasteful, classic floral arrangements, it did not scale-up as planned and was closed in 2009.

The mellifluous sound of the bamboo flute lingered on in memories. The enchanting beauty and fragrance of natural flowers always fresh in imagination. The name repurposed in a new avatar - Banswari, things of beauty.

You’ll still find flowers in Banswari - only they’re fashioned out of gold and precious gems - inspired bejewelled beauties with promises of joys forever.